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Water – the most basic and essential resource on our planet. To preserve the water quality, we design and deliver UV-disinfection systems which guarantees a chemistry free treatment.

Especially in alpine regions it can be difficult to maintain the water supply. We can offer water supply solutions for remote areas covering small pumping stations and reservoirs. From service water for cows at mountain huts as well as best drinking water for alpine refuges: We provide customized solutions.



An UV-disinfection system supplies best drinking water without using chemistry. We provide fully certified systems. Beside the installation we also elaborate the necessary project documents.


Often high-quality stainless-steel piping are requested to meet the customer needs of durability no corrosiveness. We can help you with the planning and deliver best quality.


Our product range covers gate vales with or without automatic actuators, check valves, spare parts and many more. All products are certified for drinking water.

Water Reservoirs

We manufacture individual reservoirs for drinking and spring water either in stainless steel or in plastic. We will be pleased to give you advise.

Pumping Stations

To ensure the water supply at mountain huts or refuges sometime pumping stations are needed. We can provide stationary or temporary solutions. Please contact us.

Maintenance & Service

We offer maintenance & service for UV-disinfection systems as well as for pumping stations over the whole life cycle of the product.


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