DI (FH) Peter Stocker

technical director

Peter founded the company in 2010. As the leading technician, managing director and main owner he is the head of the company

Arno Weger


Indeed, Arno is not an 00 agent, but he has a huge calculator with a double zero button. Besides being always cheerful our salesman, which we imported from Styria, is committed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 

Ing. Hannes Paulmichl

project engineer

Hannes loves to use lists to organize things. As a passionate drummer he brings rhythm and order to the system. 

 Michael Pescosta

project engineer

VFrom Elbigenalp to Japan - Michael and his computers are an unbeatable team. He is able to set up an Internet connection everywhere.

DI Dr.  Serafin Knitel

development engineer

Every good technical company should have a "Sheldon". We even got a "Sheldofin". As a physicist he loves technical challenges.

Lukas Stocker


Lukas is a prospective electrical engineer at the "Elektrizitätswerke Reutte" the local public utility. He often helps in his father’s company.

Florian Bischof

production manager

(Almost) nothing can put the passionate farmer under stress. A good attribute for our production manager. He keeps our production organized and balanced.


Heike Bischof

cleaning lady

Because of Heike we always have a cosy working atmosphere. She lays the foundation for our activities.



steel construction engineer

Willi loves welding and HAMMERing. He feels very comfortable in our locksmith's shop.

Jakob Lorenz

mechanical engineer

Jakob is our first apprentice who was eduacted in our company.

His passionated and uncomplicated way of working is benefiting our company.


Michael Hauser

ropeway installer

Michael loves to work outside and is not afraid of working at height. Good preconditions for his job in our company. 


Adrian Blaas

Apprentice mechatronics engineer

Our new apprentice Adrian is highly motivated to become an educated mechatronics engineer. He is not afraid of any challenge and is already involved in solving problems.