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We are your experienced and expert partner in the ropeway engineering sector. Safety and quality are always our top priority. We deliver everything from individual components to turnkey ropeways. Our products range from material ropeways with or without passenger transport functions, to compact ropeways.

For example, our ropeways help you transport material and luggage to your mountain hut, your team to and from work or deliver construction material to exposed areas. Besides the planning and installation, we can provide maintenance and service for ropeways.


Material Ropeways

The best solution for transporting material, goods, food or luggage etc. is a material ropeway. No matter for which purpose the ropeways is needed: we plan, manufacture and install individual solutions.

Special Ropeways

Do you have a very special ropeway application wish: Contact us and let us know. We try to find a solution.

Spare Parts

To ensure that the systems live up in day-to-day operation, spare parts must also be reliable. The Stocker Technik GmbH provides spare parts at best quality.

Compact Ropeways

To develop remote areas like viewpoints, private properties or bridging rivers: A compact ropeway has a manifold application range.

Factory Ropeways

A factory ropeway allows besides transporting material the transport of people. Therefore, the way to work for employees working at remote areas can be facilitated.

Maintenance & Service

Every ropeway must be maintained to ensure the safety standard. We provide annular service inspection and carry out repair work.


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