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Drinking Water-Pump station

Technical details


> Water supply for alpine pastures

> Difference in altitude 180 m

> Length of pipe 850 m

> Delivery rate per pump 0.5 l / s

> Number of pumps 2, operated redundantly

Scope of delivery

Calculation and design of pumps; Supply and assembly of pumps including piping; including autonomous electric control of the system

Below an excerpt of our realized water supply projects can be found. On request, we will send you customer related projects.

UV systems for alpine hut & lodges



We determine the relevant size of the UV-system, supply and install the entire system including the piping. Besides commissioning we provide also the maintenance.

For new installations we only provide UV systems by VISADES, which offers best quality from Austria.

Scope of delivery


Calculation and design of UV system; entire technical documentation for the local authorities; supply and installation; Commissioning and maintenance

Drinking water - Piping



We supply stainless steel piping suitable for drinking water. No matter if it is a new installation or a renovation. Of course, we also have fittings that are suitable for drinking water as well.

Scope of delivery


Survey and design the piping in welded construction; Manufacture and assembly of the elements with fittings

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