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Electrical power is a valuable source of energy. The Stocker Technik GmbH can enable power supply even at remote areas. For us it is from utmost importance to use the generated energy in the most efficient way. Our specialty among others is the combination of different energy sources and their management.

If you need an independent source of energy using one or more different sources: Contact us.


PV-Isolated Systems

For alpine huts, shelters or lodges. We calculate the desired size to serve your requirements to enable an independent energy supply.

Load Management

Applying a well thought out load management allows to use smaller energy sources to cover your needs. We find the best custom solution.

Hybrid Power Plants

To combine energy from different sources a hybrid power plant is needed. PV, hydro and wind power as well as emergency power generators.

Micro Power Plants

Energy to heat a boiler or simply for some lamps at a lodge or your second home. We got a simple and efficient solution.

Battery Storage Systems

Do you want to store surplus energy, cover peak loads or an emergency power supply. We can advise you and find the best solution.

Emergency Generators

Usually applied at a power failure an emergency power generator can be used as well as a mobile energy source or to cover peak loads.


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